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LED RGB DMX512 DecoderLt-8020

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Product Name: LED RGB DMX512 DecoderLt-8020
Supply Ability: 5000 sets
Specifications black
Price Term: FOB
Port of loading:
Minimum Order 5 sets
Unit Price:
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The LT-8020 DMX512 Data Decoder is designed via superior decoding technology to convert the universal DMX512/1990 signal into standard SPI (TTL) signal to control LED lights based on 74HC595, DM134, DM135, ZQL9712,6B595, MB15026 or similar chips, each decoder has 128 DMX output channels, could be expanded to max 512 channels. Therefore numerous domestic lamps are possible to connect with universal DMX512 standard signal, easier to enter the international market, such as widely used pixel light, digital tube light, spot light, floodlight, pixel screen, dancing floor light etc.

1.Working Voltage:DC5V∼DC24V
2.signal Input:DMX512/1990
3.signal Output :SPI (TTL)
4.DMX channels:96 channels
5.DMX512 socket:Standard XLR-3

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